About us

Monika Centrum Hotels – a luxury hotel situated in a prestigious part of central Riga. A spirit of hospitality and elegance lingers at Monika Centrum Hotels, which opened its doors in December 2005. This luxurious and artistically designed hotel gives royal treatment to all its guests. Here, you will always feel at home.

Kronvalda park near Monika hotel in Riga


This is the city’s “Quiet Centre”. Opposite is leafy Kronvalda Park, and close by are many embassies, the Congress Hall, the International Business Centre and Arena Riga.

Just 10 minutes’ walk across the park and the canal, you’ll find yourself in the narrow streets of the Old Town with its air of medieval history. It takes about the same time to reach Riga’s premier shops, stores and numerous boutiques. Our location on map »

Cosy rooms in Monika hotel, Riga


Monika Centrum Hotels is equipped with Wi-Fi internet access, in all of the rooms. It is free of charge for our guests. The hotel restaurant Sokrats boasts excellent fine-dining cuisine. It also lays out a sumptuous buffet breakfast.

Three popular multifunctional conference halls are also on the premises and coffee breaks and buffet lunches are not a problem to arrange there. More about our services »

Sculpture of little girl Monika at Monika Centrum hotel, Riga

Legacy of the past

Throughout the hotel and in the rooms, flourishes of artistic details adorn the walls. A bronze sculpture of a little girl, Monika, stands in the lobby to greet guests whenever they walk in.

A sense of history is also ever-present. Saint Maria, who helped refugees during the tumultuous Russian Revolution, was born in this house in the late 19th century. You may view our gallery or contact us to address any of your concerns.

Your home in the cultural and historical centre of Riga

Being thousands of kilometres away from home and still feeling welcome, enjoying the homey cosiness and comfort? Monika Centrum Hotels has taken care of that by inviting you to one of its hotels.

The hotel Monika Centrum Hotels is located in the cultural and historical centre of Riga, the capital of Latvia, encircled by one of Europe’s most eminent block of buildings in Art Nouveau style, which gathers the most distinguished elements of this architecture and lifestyle, the splendid Kronvalda Park, erected in late 19th century, with the decoratively arranged banks of Riga Canal and the rich array of trees and shrubs, the embassies of many countries, the ever-lively Port of Riga and the sports hub – Arena Riga.

The surroundings of Monika Centrum Hotels are characterized by cultural and historical magnificence and prestige, however chic, cosiness and hospitality – the features due to which the hotel has earned loyal clients and high reputation during its short period of operation – prevail in its interior. From the building itself, which is an excellent example of the 19th century neo-Gothic style, to any of the apartments equipped to maintain the historic style of the building and at the same time provide the guests with all amenities of the 21st century, Monika Centrum Hotels boasts its hospitality and invites everyone to find their home sensations even if the stay is just for a few days.